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7 Day Allergy Detox Diet

Everyones immune system starts with your stomach and intestines, if you have a build up of toxins in your colon your immune system will be affected. 
First, when you have many toxins your colon will have trouble absorbing the nutrients such as vitamins and minerals from the food you eat.
Second undigested and fermented food in the intestinal tract causes the body to raise histamine levels. Histamine plays an important role in the digestive system by stimulating the production of digestive enzymes and gastric acid, which aid in protein and fat digestion,but high levels of histamine are usually associated with allergic reactions.
This is why a Detox Diet could be beneficial for most allergy problems. 
I am going to share with you a Detox Diet given to me by a professional Health and Nutrition Counselor.

The 7 Days:  Be as ORGANIC as possible.

NO sugar, alcohol, coffee, fried foods, dairy, processed foods, baked goods, white foods (breads, bagels, crackers, pasta etc.), spicy, fermented (tofu, vinegars) animal proteins, eggs

DAYS 1+2: whole grains (oats, brown rice, quinoa, wild rice, etc), vegetables, legumes (lentils, black beans, chickpeas, etc) fruits,
                soups, salads (natural dressings of olive oil & lemon), nuts, seeds, a little fish is OK if needed day 1 only~
                try to do 50%+ RAW; avocado and hummus are great these days -- look for vegetarian options if you are eating out
                veggies sauteed with olive oil, roasted root veggies,

DAYS 3-5:  juices (specific examples below), wheatgrass, broths, pureed soups, green smoothie, herbal teas, water water and more water

DAY 6: SLOWLY reintroduce foods.. try for 70% RAW if possible- salads, fruits, vegetables, broths, soups, smoothie, nuts, seeds
                avocado and hummus and some olive oil with lemon for dressings. very simple foods. CHEW VERY WELL!

DAY 7: same foods as day 6 plus a little beans and/or grains- still be sure to CHEW WELL and take it easy!

DAY 8: whole grains (oats, brown rice, quinoa, wild rice, etc) vegetables, legumes (lentils, chickpeas, etc) fruits,
                soups, salads (natural dressings of olive oil & lemon), nuts, seeds, a little fish is OK if needed ~ try to do 50%+ RAW
                avocado and hummus; OK to add in a small serving of fish

be very mindful of your body as you transition back to you normal diet - wait til Day 9 to add in lean, light animal protein
if applicable. You have a unique opportunity here to see how foods affect your energy, mood, stomach- etc. You will be more
sensitive post cleanse so take advantage and watch closely to see what foods your body prefers and which don't make you
feel your best. You can use this information to make wiser choices for yourself!

DAYS 3-5 LIQUIDS ONLY ~ details:

WATER WATER WATER- you MUST move your bowels more than usual to move the toxins out

**DRINK 1/2 your body weight in ounces EVERY DAY - ie. 150lbs = 75oz of water. This is critical.**

Buy EMERGEN C packets (they dissolve in water) at health food store, GNC, alot of delis have them at the counter now-
to flavor water and ensure you are getting vitamins. There are tons of flavors- orange, raspberry, tropical, lemon-lime, etc.

try to have a juice every 2 hours- you can have one each hour if you need it- just not sipping constantly

juice combo suggestions: (try to avoid too sweet and add greens if possible!)
   *greens w/ apple lemon and ginger - this is preferred! ** you can substitute out the apple everywhere!**
    greens with beet, lemon and ginger
    spinach, kale, parsley, apples
    pears/lemon/mint/raw honey
    parsley/apple/lemon/ginger ~ good to settle the stomach
    blood cleanser- garlic/parsley/cucumber/carrot/celery


SAMPLE LIQUID DAY: (when i refer to a juice - serving size is anywhere from 8 -16oz, whichever you prefer)

start your day with 2 glasses of water with fresh lemon juice
if possible, have a shot of wheatgrass AND/OR a green juice - (ie. kale/swisschard/parsley/cucumber with apple or pear/lemon/ginger)
have 1T ground flax mixed in the juice or with a glass of water OR 1T flax oil or Extra virgin olive oil

midmorning juice or smoothie

juice and some soup or veggie broth
have 1T ground flax mixed in the juice or with a glass of water OR 1T flax oil or Extra virgin olive oil

midafternoon juice

simple vegetable soups or broths
fresh ginger tea with honey (slice fresh ginger root and pour boiling water over it in your mug and add 1t honey). cover and steep for 10min

to help your bowels it is helpful to buy Smoothe Move Herbal Tea- made by Traditional Medicinals (available health food stores)
take this tea at night before bed- i recommend it.


simple homemade veggies soups/broths are best: cover chopped  veggies w water in a pot (ie. cabbage, carrot, celery, onion, garlic, parsnip)
bring to boil; cover with lid and turn heat down to a simmer for 45min. puree it in the blender. carrot ginger soup is great too. pinch of sea salt is ok.

when ordering soups from restaurants - choose healthy establishments! - look for brothy options and do your best to
get the simplest and lowest in salt with fewest ingredients. feel free to ask the staff for their recommendation.


1) superhydrate! again, half your body weight in ounces daily!
2) keep your bowels moving ~ make time for it and drink Smoothe Move tea (flax OR oil aids in this too)
3) rest! take it easy on your liquid days. treat yourself well. relax. enjoy nature. be outside.
4) do not vigorously exercise- it makes the body acidic and therefore harder to cleanse. swimming is OK, light walking.
5) reintroduce foods very slowly and in small portions- a fruit salad for breakfast, salad for lunch... and CHEW CHEW CHEW.
-your stomach is very sensitive and bloating is very likely - to really take time to be present to your foods and your body. don't overdo it.
-take your time adding foods back in for days 8-9 after the cleanse ends..stay as clean as possible and gradually get back to your normal diet.

Suggestions to AMPLIFY your CLEANSE:

*take a Detox Bath - soak in 1-2cups of Epsom Salt every 2 days for 15-20 minutes: it pulls the toxins and acids out!!
(your skin is your largest elimination organ ~ help it do its job!)
*stretch - spinal twists and back bends detoxify your liver and cleanse your colon and other organs
*take a sauna for 20minutes - stimulates therapeutic sweating
*dry brush your body in the shower before turning on the water - dry bristle brushes are available at drugstores, groceries, etc.
(this is important because it activates your lymphatic system which carries toxins out of your body- use small circular strokes
and work from the extremities towards the heart)
*exfoliate your body each day when you bath with loofah or cloth
*get a colonic - during Days 3-5 are ideal. I can make therapist recommendations if you are interested.

What to expect: (you may experience some of these)
common cleansing symptoms include headaches, irritability, fatigue, white tongue coating, skin rashes,
sweating, mood swings, achiness, gas, bloating, emotion.. it is all natural as your body detoxes. trust your body. it knows best.
write it down, talk about it with someone, shake it off and let it go - don't focus on it or it will persist.

REMEDIES for SYMPTOMS: if you aren't feeling well ~ you most likely are not getting enough fluids or moving your bowels optimally
so hydrate hydrate hydrate first- always reach for a glass of water - plain or with Emergen C

headaches: peppermint, chamomile or ginger tea
irritable: focus on gratitude and what you will feel like shortly; mint & lemon water
nausea: chewing small piece of fresh ginger root
foggy brain: super hydration
hunger pain: do activity to change your focus; water with mint
achiness: take the detox bath with epsom salt (available at any drugstore), light walking

for all of these: be with your breathe - inhale for 5 counts and exhale for 5 counts. do 5 sets of this.


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